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TechVision is a UK based company owned by a British, family run business, specializing in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality waterproof LED TVs and other AV products. All our products are suitable for use in wet environments.

Our TVs are made in the UK, at our purpose built facility in Golcar, West Yorkshire. We are proud to be a British manufacturer supplying quality goods Worldwide.

“We pride ourselves on our quality and customer service”


The Endless Pool is the small pool with BIG benefits! Since 1988 over 20,000 customers worldwide have realized the benefits of daily aquatic exercise, in the privacy and convenience of their own homes, now it’s your turn. Endless Pools are ideal for:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Triathlon Training
  • Swimming and Water Exercise
  • Family Fun
  • Aquatic Therapy
  • Pure Enjoyment

PEX is a worldwide leading brand of plumbing valves, fittings and accessories. The PEX brand is wholly owned and manufactured by UK brassware specialist VADO. Established around the principles of design, quality, service and value for money, achieving excellence in each of these principles is why PEX is such a globally trusted brand. PEX and VADO are part of The Norcros Group, a UK based group of market leading businesses supplying innovative branded showers, taps, valves, bathroom accessories, tiles and adhesives.


Croydex, a division of Norcros UK group celebrates 98 years business in 2017.

Croydex continues to prosper in these ever changing markets, not only in the UK, but across Europe, the USA and beyond, and has developed to become a recognized brand of bathroom accessories and fittings.

Qualities of products remain paramount to the business and this is evident from the emphasis we place on standards. Directly employed Quality Assurance teams span across the UK, Europe and beyond. Regular inspections are carried out ensuring that every product supplied to our customers meet the very highest of standards.


Simex by Clinimax group from Spain has been created by professionals with over 50 year’s experience. Since its inception, its business is focused on the specialization of public sanitary equipment. Simex team carefully studies the needs of their customers, conscientiously selecting those items that offer high functionality at best price and long term quality guarantee. Simex has different product lines, among which are: Hand dryers, Hair dryers, Technical aids, Stainless Steel sanitary ware, Soap dispensers, Bathroom accessories and Paper dispensers etc


Glass1989, Italy offers a wide range of Sauna / Steam cabins, compositions and products from its Spa Rituals collection, for personal and professional use.

Glass wellness compositions can be customized based on the site requirements and space limitations. Their versatile and modular designs make them very convenient to place in existing or new spaces.


WINDISCH, S.A. is a family-owned enterprise from Spain. Whose principal aim is to unite vocation, experience and tradition to raise metal to the category of art. Our activity is centered on the manufacture of articles and complements directed to the area of the bathroom, with a policy based on the elegant, practical and functional design dividing in three ranges of products: magnification mirrors, accessories (wastebaskets, roll holder, towel racks, soap-dishes, etc.) and complements (gel dispensers, tissues boxes, etc.)

  • Sanitary ware Hand made in Italy.
  • 10 Designer collections.
  • Bath furniture Collections.
  • White, Anthracite, Black, Stone and Le Terre Di Cielo collection of colors.
  • High on Design – Karim Rashid, Claudio Silvestrin, 5.5Designers, Marco Piva, Paulo D’Arrigo
  • Jungle series
  • Amadeo, Cubika and Tattoo from Karim Rashid
  • Bespoke Le Giare collection from Claudio Silvestrin
  • Uniquely designed Urinals – Le Giare, Orb, Slot free-standing
  • Widest range of Ceramic Shower Trays in Hand-painted – Tattoo by Karim Rashid, Stone Design and Matt stone finish
  • A Remo Jacuzzi company from USA.
  • 5 Series – Carrara, Forma, Designer, Integrity and Vivere(Walk-in for the Aged).
  • 5 Shapes – Rectangular, Oval, Round, Square, Corner
  • 7 Options (Soaking, Whirlpool, Air masseur, Micro silk, Air+Microsilk, Whirlpool+microsilk, Whirlpool+ Air).
  • 3 versions (Standard, Premier, Signature)
  • 5 Installation options: Free-standing, Corner, Back-to-wall, Inset and Built-in.
  • Un-matched Hydro-therapy experience with Whirlpool, Air Masseur and Micro silk baths

Features :

    • Patented Micro-silk baths for Oxygen therapy of Skin – Anti-aging, Rejuvenating, Deep Cleansing, Exfoliating, Moisturizing, Hydrating – all without chemicals.
    • Jetted neck pillows.
    • Sound immersion system-Bluetooth.
    • Thermo-comfort – heated back panel.
    • Level Form base.
    • V Drain for total drainage of water & Sanidrain system
    • Ozone purification
    • LED Chromo therapy lights
    • Remote / Digital / Touch controls.
    • 20 minute timer.
    • Water level sensor
    • Remote installation of pump for silent ops
    • Pump heater to transfer heat from pump to water – energy saving.

A division of the 2.3Bn Euro, world’s leading construction chemical company Mapei SPA, Italy. Mosaico+ offeres the widest range o mosaics – Glass, Enamel, Stone, Wood, Metal, and a combination of the same from their Dialoghi collection. Mosaico+ offers mosaics in 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 23mm, 48mm and 50mm tesserae sizes in all mosaic forms including the century’s old traditional Venezian enamel mosaic decoration in Smalti glass