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    • MicroSilk® hydrotherapy introduces billions of micro-sized bubbles into the bath, forming a gentle cloud suspended in the water
    • MicroSilk® has a Dissolved Oxygen rate up to 70% higher than tap water
    • The dense cloud of micro bubbles gives the water a luxurious, silky feel.
    • MicroSilk® allows the water to maintain its warmth.
    • Penetrating
      • MicroSilk® bubbles are so small they enter the pore
    • Cleansing / Detoxifying
      • MicroSilk® bubbles are negatively charged attracting them to the skin and allowing them to lift out impurities.
      • The oxygen inside is a natural antibacterial substance
    • Moisturizing
      • They leave behind H20 and O2, plumping skin and leaving it soft and smooth.
    • Rejuvenating
      • They improve skin metabolism


    • Moisturizes and cleanse the skin
    • Detoxification
    • Anti-Aging Effects
    • Repairs Skin cells
    • Natures antibacterial elements