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Glass saunas, customized wellbeing highly versatile solutions allow you to make the most of the space available and meet everyone’s needs; each Glass sauna is designed to order to ensure maximum comfort and attention to detail.

Whether it is intended for domestic or professional use. Glass saunas are warm and welcoming; the wide range of woods available means the sauna blends in seamlessly with your home and the result is exclusive, sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing.

The Glass sauna range offers something for everyone:

lovers of intense heat will prefer our Finnish saunas with their temperature of 80-90°C and an almost total absence of humidity;

bio saunas, our modern-day interpretation of the tepidarium and calidarium which were so popular with the ancient.

Romans whose temperature is lower at around 60-70°C and humidity of about 50-55%, will meet the needs of the whole family; the radiant sauna, with its innovative infrared system built into the panels, maximizes the feeling of heat without ever going over 45°.